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Calcitriol is around 99.9 % expecteded in blood. Calcitriol and various other vitamin D metabolites are moved in blood, by an alpha-globulin vitamin D binding protein. There is evidence that maternal calcitriol might go into the fetal blood circulation. Calcitriol is transferred right into human bust milk at reduced levels (ie, 2.2 ± 0.1 pg/mL).

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In vivo and in vitro researches show the existence of 2 pathways of metabolism for calcitriol. The first path entails the 24-hydroxylase as the very first action in catabolism of calcitriol. There is guaranteed proof of 24-hydroxylase task in the kidney; this enzyme is likewise present in lots of target cells which have the vitamin D receptor such as the bowel. The end item of this path is a side chain reduced metabolite, calcitroic acid. The second path involves the conversion of calcitriol via the stepwise hydroxylation of carbon-26 and also carbon-23, and also cyclization to produce ultimately 1α, 25R(OH) 2-26, 23S-lactone D3. The lactone looks the major metabolite circulating in humans, with mean serum concentrations of 131 ± 17 pg/mL. Additionally, several various other metabolites of calcitriol have been identified: 1α, 25(OH) 2-24-oxo-D3; 1α, 23, 25(OH) 3-24-oxo-D3; 1α, 24R, 25(OH) 3D3; 1α, 25S, 26(OH) 3D3; 1α, 25(OH) 2-23-oxo-D3; 1α, 25R, 26(OH) 3-23-oxo-D3; 1α, (OH) 24, 25, 26, 27-tetranor-COOH-D3.

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